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Green Living with Tee

Sep 26, 2020

Lisa and Justin will explain why microgreens are so beneficial, delicious, and are great for your health. 

In 2016 after being inspired by the local food movement Lisa and Justin started their family-run business with only $500 out-of-pocket. That year they had only 1 rack with 3 lights set up in their dining room and sold at one farmer's market every Saturday.

In 2018 they were one of 27 businesses selected by Ignite Buffalo and 43North to receive a grant of $25,000.  Those dollars allowed them to expand their operations significantly, while also giving Justin the opportunity to leave his 9-to-5 job for Rooted Locally full-time.

Today they operate out of a 400-square foot grow space with all state-of-the-art grow lights. They attend 2 weekly farmer's markets, many pop-up events and have over 20 restaurants they provide microgreens and edible flowers too.

Next up is the development of their operations on 24-acres of land they purchased in East Amherst, NY.  Their plans are to continue the indoor vertical farming but expand into more traditional farming as well.  The dream is to create an agri-tourism destination there.