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Green Living with Tee

Apr 26, 2021

Michael Nicosia is a Buffalo born entrepreneur. His interest in CBD began a few years ago when some friends invited him to a Cannabis Convention in NYC. He decided to try a sample of concentrated CBD and within the hour, he felt a sense of calm and focus. He spent the day at the convention talking to a number of people in the Hemp and Marijuana industry, everyone from doctors and lawyers to growers and extractors. It was a day of information overload. 

A couple months later he was home with his two year old daughter who had a horrible case of hand, foot and mouth disease. Her fever was spiking, the sores in her mouth were so painful and she was not eating. Her pediatrician said; other than children's Tylenol and ibuprofen~ there was nothing they could do, the virus needed to run its course. Not satisfied with that answer, Michael remembered the conversation about the benefits of CBD. 

He immediately called a doctor that he met at the convention and asked if it was safe for his daughter. His response was yes, it's not only safe, it's also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Michael found the woman’s card and ordered the CBD for an overnight delivery. Once applied, his daughters fever came down and the pain subsided. Twenty-four hours later, the sores in her mouth were gone.

After this experience, Michael continued to do more research on CBD and the benefits it could bring to the human body by helping to restore balance. He started incorporating CBD into his own life by using a 1,000 mg full spectrum oil and topical for acute shoulder pain from working out. The topical worked great for immediate pain relief but after about a month o fusing the oil daily, he noticed his shoulder was getting stronger and he was no longer in pain. His workouts became more effective, and he was losing weight (which was his goal). He started drinking less alcohol and overall felt less anxiety and pain. These experiences influenced the creation of Lions Mane Infusions and Michael was inspired by the concept that 'the thicker and fuller the mane, the stronger the lion’.

His goal is to develop a lifestyle brand which can help people restore balance and live healthier. From the inception of LionsMane Infusions, his significant other Maria has been helping with research and development of products, along with assistance with marketing and branding; which aligns with her studies and experience.


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