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Green Living with Tee

Nov 7, 2020

At Green Living Gurus, we believe regardless of your race, socio-economic status, or gender, you deserve to live in an environment free of toxic chemicals that may give you cancer, cause infertility and birth defects, or cause health problems for future generations. Unfortunately, women tend to face greater levels of exposure to certain toxic chemicals than men. Jeanne will walk us through these harmful ingredients and how to avoid them.

Jeanne Clunn is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, founder of Nutrition Jeanne and the Calm and Balanced Mama Method, and a Beautycounter consultant. She has young kids, 2 dogs, and is the wife of a retired Air Force master sergeant. After recovering from her own cortisol imbalance through nutrition, lifestyle, movement, and mindset, Jeanne made it her mission to help stressed-out moms stop feeling so exhausted and moody so they can live an accomplished life and show up as the Mom and woman they know they can be. Her goal is to help moms see that it is not normal to always feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and tired, and that this isn't just a phase of life - but instead it is a hormonal imbalance that won't allow the body to switch out of the reactionary, fight or flight state. She helps clients support their stress response system and bring their hormones back into balance through a phased approach that consists of discovering who they're meant to be, stress and mood control through biology, aligning your hormones, and aligning your identity.


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