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Green Living with Tee

Mar 8, 2021

Odette lives in Denver with her 2 dogs Maya and Josie. She is a principal and financial advisor with Investment Security Group. Favorite pastimes of traveling and seeing friends have been limited and look forward to it soon!

In 2019 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent 8 months of treatment which included 6 rounds of chemo, 30 rounds of radiation. In the Fall of 2019, she had her last round of radiation. Right after that, Therese and another Green Living Guru started to help her reduce the toxic and harmful chemicals that were inundating her home and getting into her body. She wanted to do everything possible to avoid any potential cancer-causing chemical from being in her home, in the products that she uses, in the air she breathed, and the food she ate! She also began an exercise routine, watched her sugar intake, and lost over 25 pounds! Hear her story because she is a true testament to living a healthy life, being toxic-free!

"We need to personally make the decision to live a better life but I couldn’t have done it without Therese. She opened my eyes and taught me so much. Make your health a priority. Therese will put you on the right path." Odette Sahakian

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