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Green Living with Tee

Mar 29, 2021

Holly Wade is a Functional Health Coach who helps those with autoimmune illnesses create a lifestyle to support their body so that they get quality of life back. Holly has almost 30 years of experience in the Fitness & Wellness Industry and practical experience through her own personal struggle with anxiety, depression, and Crohn’s Disease. She knows first-hand the toll that stress takes on a person’s life. Her passion is to help others reconnect with the wisdom of their own bodies so that they are empowered to make choices to support quality living.

Holly weaves in her expertise in nutrition, fitness, stress management, and essential oils to help people create a holistic lifestyle to empower people to create the vibrancy they desire in their lives.

Holly is also a Master Trainer for The World GROOVE Movement. She loves salsa dancing, getting outdoors, and her morning coffee. She’s a regular contributor to We Are Beautiful Magazine and Kai Magazine.

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