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Green Living with Tee

Dec 5, 2020

Sisters Tara Sasiadek and Anna Bystran explain the health benefits of Kombucha.

Kombucha is tasty and versatile. It's a great way to stay hydrated and replace soda.
You are much more likely to break a bad habit if you consciously replace it with a better one,
so sub in Kombucha for your sugary pop, processed juice, or calorie boosted frappucino.
Nourish yourself with the many benefits of tea, including the energy- and metabolism-boosting powers of caffeine,
and the immune-boosting properties of antioxidants in our organic free-trade black tea base.

"Our product line is made with Fairtrade, certified organic tea leaves, and is New York State manufactured sugar to feed our organic SCOBYs,
A focus on organic local produce whenever available...Resulting in tangy effervescent iced tea for your use,
full of antioxidants and probiotic goodness.

What is Snowy Owl Kombucha all about? 
Sparkling, probiotic tea to nourish the body and delight the senses. 
Brewed with organic fair-trade tea & love by two sisters in Buffalo, NY, and infused with delicious fruit, herbs, and flowers to maximize your health. 
Brought to you with our dedication to keeping things small & sustainable, compassionate & curious.
SCOBYs are just so cool: a living organism that is both a community and an individual,
the culture we use to make your kombucha has unique wisdom we love to learn from.
It's an easy way to support your health journey. Our mission is to provide your adventurous life with a product you can trust
to be delicious, responsibly made, and healthy for you and your family and friends.

Website: Snowy Owl



Side Note: Some people can be sensitive to yeast, fungus, and bacteria – even when they are the “good” kind. Drinking beverages with live and active cultures could increase your risk of infection if you are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery and your white blood cell counts are low. Please check with your Doctor.