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Green Living with Tee

Sep 12, 2022

Jason Bronstad is a seasoned CPG professional who began consulting for MALK Organics in 2020 and transitioned to CEO in June 2021. His passion for health started with his own personal journey in making better lifestyle choices for himself and his family. In recent years, he completely changed his routine by training in jiu-jitsu, significantly reducing his alcohol consumption, and eating cleaner. Jason’s goal is to bring MALK to the masses and increase their consumer base by educating people on why MALK is the healthiest alternative milk option out there.

MALK products have only 3-4 ingredients and don’t include gums, fillers, oils, or carrageenan. Most recently, through their #turnitaround campaign, the brand is encouraging consumers to pay attention to nutrition labels and be more conscious and aware of what ingredients are in the products they use on a day-to-day basis.

MALK products currently include Organic Unsweetened Almond, Original Oat, Vanilla Almond, and Vanilla Oat, and they will soon be launching Chocolate Oat as well! MALK can be found at most major grocery stores nationwide, including Whole Foods.

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