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Green Living with Tee

Mar 13, 2023

For this very special 150th episode of Green Living with Tee, Tee was delighted to welcome Sophia Ruan Gushée to the show to discuss her transformative 40-day detox program and offer some of her abundant wisdom and experience in both detoxifying your home and your lifestyle. This is of course a favorite subject for the show and Tee and Sophia discuss a wide variety of tips and tricks that anyone can start using today to start improving their quality of life and exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals.

Sophia Ruan Gushée is a preeminent nontoxic lifestyle expert, author of A to Z of D-Toxing and EMF Detox Workbook, creator of 40-Day Home Detox, and host of the Practical Nontoxic Living podcast. She has helped thousands of people eliminate harmful – often hidden – chemicals, heavy metals, and electromagnetic fields from their homes and lifestyles. Based on more than 15 years of tracking the latest research, she believes that removing these toxins is the overlooked key to unlocking greater mindfulness, mental clarity, emotional harmony, and physical healing.

Sophia also works with companies to help improve their ecological and green standards and served on the prestigious Brown University School of Public Health Advisory Council and the exclusive Well+Good Council. She has appeared or been featured on the most popular health and wellness platforms including The Doctor Oz Show.

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