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Green Living with Tee

Jul 26, 2021

Maria is a Holistic Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner with Synergy Nutrition & Wellness. Her passion for health and wellness started as a Physical Therapist. She graduated from Daemen College with a BS in Physical Therapy in 1996.

As a licensed PT for 25 years, she has experience in outpatient orthopedic therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, home care and long-term rehabilitation. Maria believes that our bodies were designed to thrive and heal. This belief challenges her to determine the underlying causes of ill-health and implement personalized nutritional programs to achieve and maintain optimal health in a safe, natural and non-invasive way. 

She enjoys creating a positive impact on her community by helping others become healthier versions of themselves. When Maria is not working, she is busy being a wife and mom to her 3 children and dog. She has many interests and hobbies that mostly involve water, sunshine, and nature!

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