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Green Living with Tee

Apr 5, 2021

La'Meshia Whittington is a Professor in the Division of Sociology at Meredith College. She is also the Deputy Director for Advance Carolina and the Campaigns Director for the North Carolina Black Alliance. She is the co-convener of the NC Black & Brown Policy Network, former National Democracy Campaigner for Friends of the Earth, Chairwoman of the FRENC Fund Administration, Founding member of Democracy Green, member of the Burke Women's Fund in Western NC and the former NC spokesperson on fair courts for The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. Professor Whittington leads the work on intersectional democracy and environmental justice, she was a co-author of NC Senate Bill 673, prioritizing environmentally contaminated communities-of-color in voting rights, and a co-author in several Pro-Democracy North Star legislation bills.

Professor Whittington is a member of the NC PFAS Team anchoring AFFF legislation, and a convener of the Black Firefighters Fighting PFAS Collective. Professor Whittington has created and co-convened national, regional, and statewide tours and workshops on environmental justice, namely chemical contaminants, and dirty corporations. Professor Whittington continually works with the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, DHHS and government agencies to ground community needs and strategies in alleviating health disparities in Black and Brown communities. Professor Whittington led the development of a statewide map to highlight the intersection of environmental justice contamination zones and the frequency in which they are located within gerrymandered Black majority voting districts. Professor Whittington is a petitioner in two active petitions to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, for more information: PFAS and 1,4 Dioxane. Professor Whittington is an Afro-Indigenous woman from North Carolina, hailing from a former environmental justice settlement: The Kingdom of the Happy Land. She received her education at Western Piedmont Community College and Meredith College. She is also a classically trained instrumentalist performing over 7 instruments!

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