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Green Living with Tee

Oct 18, 2021

In this broadcast, Loreen Hackett shares the heartbreaking story of how PFAS and traces of related toxins caused by various unregulated factories and industrial complexes devastated her entire family and community, and if left unchecked how PFAS will continue to contaminate untold regions in the US and abroad. As Co-Chair of the Hoosick Falls Community, Loreen established superfund sites which communicate monthly with state and federal agencies and is also on the CAP committee for the CDC awarded site study. In addition, Loreen works with the University of Albany collecting health studies and alongside the leadership committee of the National PFAS Contamination Coalition (NPCC).

Loreen has attended and submitted testimony in two Congressional hearings in Washington D.C. She has also testified at various New York state hearings and continues working with elected officials on both the state and federal levels on bills regulating PFAS, recently introducing the PFAS Accountability Act with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, as well as collaborating with varying environmental organizations. She presented on the first public panel representing EPA Region 2 for the CDC-funded NASEM panel for physician guidance and was nominated as community liaison for that panel. She worked on the educational documentary called 'Bad Water, Small Town, Deaf Ears' with her uncle, which is free to the public on YouTube. Loreen is also a cancer survivor, linked to PFAS exposure, and has a primary interest in health effects.

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