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Green Living with Tee

Sep 26, 2022

We all want an anti-cancer lifestyle. Cancer can grow in our bodies for years and does not just start one day. Prevention is the best medicine and Barbara Walsh is living proof that it is possible to take control of your health, and it’s never too late to make the decision to make changes that will transform your body and your life. By feeding your body what it really needs, and keeping your immune system strongillnesses don’t have to be inevitable, and a diagnosis doesn’t have to be fatal. You, too, can learn to use the healing power of food to live your healthiest life now, and be strong and vibrant for a lifetime! Let Barbara show you how!

Barbara Walsh is a wife, a mom, a graphic designer, and a Board-Certified Master Health Coach who overcame breast cancer naturally through the healing power of food and prayer — no surgery, radiation, or chemo. Barbara’s breast cancer journey led to her desire to empower women to break free from the fear of breast cancer with the power of evidence-based nutrition, lifestyle strategies, and faith, to not only lower their risk of a diagnosis or recurrence but to take control of their health every day and experience vibrant health for a lifetime.

Barbara completed her studies with The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and holds Health Coaching Certifications in Health and Wellness for Adults and Seniors; and Advanced Techniques for Behavior Change. She is an NBC-HWC Master Health Coach, Board Certified by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches in conjunction with the National Board of Medical Examiners.

Barbara is also the host of The Good Nature Wellness Podcast where she regularly shares timely health and wellness topics that are designed to help you discover how to use the power of nutrition in your own life to regain control over your health and create an anti-cancer lifestyle, so you can feel better, look better, and be stronger for life!

Barb offers all listeners a FREE Beating the Odds of Breast Cancer Breakthrough Sessions!

Which are perfect for women who are:
• Worried about their risk of developing breast cancer
• Have had breast cancer before and want to avoid recurrence
• Would like to experience freedom from the fear of breast cancer
• Want to find out how to confidently create their own anti-cancer lifestyle

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Inside, you’ll discover some eye-opening information about breast cancer that I learned when I personally faced and overcame breast cancer without surgery, radiation or chemo, along with some powerful natural strategies that you can use to seriously lower your risk, boost your confidence in your health, and look and feel better than ever!

To find out what EVERY woman NEEDS to know about breast cancer and download your FREE copy NOW, go to:

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