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Green Living with Tee

Jun 7, 2021

Clean, healthy water should taste fresh, be free of odor and color, and should feel good on your skin when you bathe. Reverse Osmosis uses a process that reverses the flow of water in a natural process of osmosis so that water passes from a more concentrated solution to a more dilute solution through a semipermeable membrane.

For cancer patients: Your cancer treatment (drugs and chemo) can lead to severe and chronic dehydration and contaminants in water can present a risk to your weakened immune system. It is recommended that all chemo patients drink lots of clean purified water to help them cope with the stressful nature of cancer treatments and to protect their kidneys from the toxic waste buildup caused by cancer drugs.

Water has played a large role in the lives of the Orton Family. Before founding Watercure in 1986, Drew's father, Lance Orton, was a Merchant Marine. An expert on the water, Lance served as a naval captain on many notable merchant ships. He has become a respected speaker and mentor on topics such as water chemistry, contamination, and purification.

Lance’s son Drew also has water in his genes. He began helping out at his father’s company at the young age of 14. After serving in the United States Navy, Drew joined Watercure full time, helping his family business grow and flourish. Currently, Drew serves as CEO while simultaneously working as a firefighter and paramedic for a local WNY municipality.

Pure, clean water is more than a job, it’s a way of life for Drew, his wife Ann, and their four children. The family purifies water for all of their needs, from drinking water to the irrigation of their organic garden. Whether Drew is working with one of his renowned customers such as The American Cancer Society or a local family that wants to make sure their well water is safe, Drew relates on both a professional and personal level.

Watercure USA has grown over the last 35 years, offering all types of water purification systems. All the while, Lance and Drew Orton have kept the company ship on course with a focus on community and family. Watercure donates frequently through church and community fundraisers to ensure that the people who need it the most have access to clean water.


Special Offer: Free water testing and estimates for anyone who is in WNY, Rochester, CNY and the Finger Lakes, and a 10% discount on any new system purchased. Please mention this podcast and the Green living Gurus for your discount.

Outside these areas the same discount applies. You can mail us a 16 oz water sample that we can test for free and also a 10% discount on water systems.






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