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Green Living with Tee

Jan 25, 2021

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Your Host: Therese Forton-Barnes

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Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods and lots of greens.  A Tower Garden lets you easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food without soil.  You can grow greens year-round indoors out outdoors.  No green thumb? No problem. This vertical, aeroponic garden systems allow you to grow your own produce without the time commitment of traditional gardening. Grow greens and herbs indoors with and each model takes up less than 3 square feet.

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Since 2014 Tanya Willis is the proud owner of a Tower Garden and thoroughly enjoys spreading healthy living around the world with her online international business. Besides offering Tower Gardens to her customers, she also is the founder of Vibrant Living and The Willis Method. She helps women lose weight for good without deprivation. She has been teaching fitness, personal training, and coaching nutrition and mindset for 30 years and offers the Vibrant Living Membership to those around the globe. Tanya is the author of Cookie Dough in the Dark which is a deep dive into emotional eating and how to free yourself from it.