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Green Living with Tee

Oct 31, 2020

Do cosmetics cause you health issues?  Some makeup can cause health problems in some people, such as skin or eye irritation or allergic reactions. Leslie discovered this when she realized she could only wear makeup every other day because she would wake up with swollen eyes.

Leslie Uffman Aguilar is a postpartum health coach who helps new moms get to their ideal weight, build their core strength, and get comfortable in their own skin so that they can feel strong, confident, and beautiful while doing all the things they love.  She is certified in health coaching, mat Pilates, personal training, postpartum corrective exercise, pre- and postpartum coaching, and nutrition coaching.  Leslie believes that true transformation doesn't start in the kitchen or the gym but in the mind. Rather than using high-impact boot camp style workouts, her approach utilizes foundational motherhood movement patterns and simple eating practices that make healthy living stress-free and enjoyable.  She also is an advocate for green beauty products since she started looking into the ingredients during her first pregnancy.

Instagram: @leslieuffmanaguilar