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Green Living with Tee

Aug 1, 2020

There are so many health benefits from clearing the air of irritants in your bedroom. Breathing easier can give you more energy and eliminate snoring. Better sleep can have dramatic effects on your immune system and your overall health. Allergens like pollen and dander will cause your airways to be more congested and that can contribute to snoring. Air purifiers can help snoring triggered by allergies and pollution. Poor quality air can irritate your upper airways, leading to stuffy and inflamed noses and throats. Air purifiers filter out the harmful particles that bring on these symptoms and can reduce snoring as a result. What looks like clean air can be filled with invisible particles and dirt. These microscopic air particles get into your airways, sinuses, and lungs and aggravate breathing issues like snoring and asthma. Thanks to our Austin Air Purifier, we are no longer snoring and are getting better sleep!!