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Green Living with Tee

Mar 7, 2022

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? Mood swings, headaches, difficulty losing weight, severe menstrual cramps, irregular periods, trouble becoming pregnant…

Many women are suffering every month and many have irregular cycles. There is so much hormonal imbalance affecting women and they are being medicated and are being told these symptoms are normal. Their bodies quite possibly have imbalances in their gut, adrenals, and hormones which cause them to suffer every month. So often they are given birth control pills for their imbalance, which does not treat the root cause. Estrogen does become an issue when it is not balanced.

Kate Vazquez is a Functional Medicine Physician Assistant, founder of Radiant Health, and an Award Winning Author. She loves empowering high performance women to reclaim their health and vitality to become the confident leader and lover they aspire to be. 

She created an online course, The Estrogen Reset, and wrote a bestseller, Estrogen Is A B*tch, to bring awareness about estrogen dominance. Kate teaches women how to naturally balance their hormones, use their cycle as their superpower, and reconnect to themselves at their highest level, so they can create a life by design that they love living.

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