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Green Living with Tee

May 23, 2020

There are so many skin care and makeup products with harmful chemicals in them. BEAUTYCOUNTER is one company, started bt Gregg Renfrew after she realized there were so many harmful chemicals in products she was applying to herself and her children. Amanda Lux, a manager with BEAUTYCOUNTER, helps to guide us through the mission of BEAUTYCOUNTER  and all of the great non-toxic products they have. She will also tell us about their Blueprint for Clean standards Please join our Facebook Group called Healthy Living and Toxic Free(HLTF) and become part of our community on living a healthier life and avoiding harmful chemicals.  You can also join our Facebook business page Green Living Gurus. To join Amanda on her mission to help get safer products into everyones hands: Shop with Amanda here: Or follow her on social media: Facebook: Amanda Michele Lux (Farrell) Instagram: Amanda_Mich