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Green Living with Tee

Sep 19, 2022

What you choose to eat has profound effects on your overall health. Research shows that dietary habits influence disease risk. While certain foods may trigger chronic health conditions, others offer strong medicinal and protective qualities. Thus, many people argue that food is medicine.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. —Hippocrates.

12 years ago, Dr. Devin Stone graduated from UC Riverside with a degree in medical biology, and his venture into health and food began. At that time, he started a well-known integrative medicine clinic in Hollywood, CA. Devin had the opportunity to work with many athletes, celebrities, and overall amazing people at this practice. During this time, he furthered his education by pursuing a master's level education in Regenerative Medicine from The University Utrecht in The Netherlands. From there Devin went on to obtain other certificates in fields such as nutrition, cancer biology, alternative medicine, drugless medicine, and more. Devin recently graduated with a medical degree focusing on Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University.

“During my professional development, food quickly became a central theme in my life for many reasons. One being that I noticed so many people I worked with over the years had ailments that could be linked back to lifestyle choices; and more often than not, it was the food they were consuming. With the food system as a culprit to so much disease, I found it so important to teach people how to eat real food again.

Besides the medicinal benefits food can provide, it has also been an outlet for me. Food has been my art. It allows me to partner with flavors, smells, and colors, and touch so many senses. It’s during this time of cooking I can let loose and explore the wonders of the culinary world.”

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