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Green Living with Tee

Feb 1, 2021

Susan Morreale, a breast cancer survivor explains how she took charge of her body, researched everything possible to lead a healthy life, and avoid as many chemicals as possible. She knew that water was a big part of making that change and she wanted to drink the cleanest water possible. Susan made sure that she was going to avoid as many toxic, cancer-causing chemicals as possible and she shares with us her road to recovery and clean water.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of drinking filtered water. We discuss a reverse osmosis filtration system that Sue has in her home. These systems typically include one or more activated carbon and sediment filters, allowing such systems to reduce or remove many contaminants. A recent study by the nonprofit watchdog organization Environmental Working Group(EWG) asserts Americans are drinking water containing carcinogens and that the contamination may be responsible for more than 100,000 cases of cancer.

Susan and her daughter Ciara, own Her Story, a space in which beauty, experience, and wellness are supported by products that guide one's journey to wellbeing. They also own Her Kitchen, a plant-based wellness revolution, and Her Sanctuary, a space for women to gather.  See for more information.

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