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Green Living with Tee

Feb 6, 2023

This week I was so excited to welcome Dr. Mary Shackelton to the show to inform listeners of the vital importance of cleansing before you plan to conceive. Dr. Mary Shackelton MPH, ND is the founder of Holistica Integrative Care and has been practicing naturopathic medicine with an emphasis on women’s health for 25 years in Boulder Colorado. Dr. Mary also has a Master’s in Public Health which focuses on her work in the area of prevention. Dr. Mary’s current focus is on Environmental Medicine and the conditions associated with toxic exposures including auto-immunity, chronic fatigue, cognitive decline, hormone imbalances, mitochondrial dysfunction, and neurologic conditions.

Dr. Shackelton has co-founded numerous companies and projects including Insulite Laboratories, a company dedicated to reversing disorders related to insulin, and PridePads Africa ( whose mission is to provide sanitary pads to girls in Cameroon Africa to keep them in school.  She has been an avid lifelong gardener, runner, skier, and hiker and has raised 3 children with her husband in Colorado. 

In this episode we discuss a number of topics covered in Dr. Mary’s new book, Pre-Conception Cleanse: Detoxify Your Life - Inside and Out - For The Optimal Health of Your Baby. This book was written for women who are in pre-conception to help them reduce the lifelong impact of chemical exposures, creating the foundation of a healthier neurological terrain beginning in utero. Dr. Mary’s hope is that those who find this book will learn the fundamental principles of living a life of detoxification, the results of which will be a stronger, more resilient, and healthier life for you and your baby. 

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