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Green Living with Tee

Aug 16, 2021

After her first battle with breast cancer 6 years ago, Melanie Gontier was looking for comfortable bras to wear after being left with a 20 cm scar after a tumorectomy. She came to realize the difficulty of finding organic and safe cotton bras with no underwire. And most of the bras that she did find were either dull, lacking fun colors or really expensive. This inspired her to begin designing her own.

After 6 years and 8 months including a second cancer with a full mastectomy, My Everyday Lingerie came to life offering colorful organic cotton underwear sets to provide safe and comfortable underwear for all women, everyday.

More on Melanie:

  • Founder and Owner of My Everyday Lingerie
  • Born in Texas, raised in the UAE (Abudhabi and Dubai) with Belgian parents
  • Returned to Belgium at 18 to study at University and finished a degree in Marketing and currently lives in the south of Belgium
  • Played Basketball for over 20 years in Belgium
  • 15+ years experience in the financial world (Investment Funds) in Luxembourg, which most likely caused her breast cancer due to it being highly stressful
  • Mother of two boys (9 and 11)
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner

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